Water and Sewer Bills


At the May 1st, 2017 Longmeadow Select Board meeting, the Select Board acting as Water and Sewer Commissioners, set the Fiscal Year 2018 water and sewer rates. The new rates will be reflected in the water and sewer bills users will receive in September 2017. The September bill will include water and sewer usage from the last meter reading done in early February 2017 through early August 2017, the next projected meter reading date. The Water Distribution System Charge will again not apply to the FY 18 rates.  The water usage rate has increased fourteen cents to $3.22 per 100 cubic feet. The sewer usage rate will decrease two cents from its current rate of $2.52 per 100 cubic feet to $2.50 per 100 cubic feet. The Sewer Collection System Charge (fixed charge which is billed semi-annually and based on water meter size) was not changed nor was the annual sewer use cut off of 220 cubic feet for residential customers.       

For further information please contact Paul J. Pasterczyk, Finance Director at 565-4136


Water and sewer bills are issued twice per year, typically in March and in September. Sewer charges are based off of water usage with a 220 unit residential cut off per fiscal year. This means that if you use more than 220 units of water in a fiscal year, you will not be billed for anything over 220 units of sewer

The current rate for one unit of water is $3.22 
The current rate for one unit of sewer is $2.50

One unit is 748.5 gallons.

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Please visit the Changes to Water Accounts page if you need to make any changes to a water account, including sales. 
The unusual hot and dry summer has led many residents to run their irrigation systems more often than normal.  Residents are reminded that irrigation systems consume a significant amount of water and may contribute to a higher-than-normal bill.