ART-ventures for Kids

Art-ventures for Kids:  Silly Cities and Wiggly Waves, Grades K-5

Date:  Thursday April 18
Time:  9:00 am to 12:00 pm
Location:  Community House
Fee: $35.00


In this cross-country art-venture, don't just admire the scenery...  Create it!  Travel to the countryside to model houses with a mosaic roof.  Then grab oil pastels and build 3D cityscape collages.   Finally, ocean waves that crash right over the edge of the stretched canvases.  Bring an old over-sized t-shirt to wear as a smock, a healthy snack and a drink 

ART-ventures for kids:  Rainforest, Tigers, Turtles and Snakes

Date:  Friday April 19
Time: 9:00 am to 12:00 pm
Location:  Community House 
Fee:  $35


Learn some fun facts about turtles that live in the rainforest while painting and decorating ceramic turtle banks.  Then sculpt clay pots in the shape of snakes using the coil technique.  Plus create beautiful jungle tiger stained glass and learn how to draw colorful and whimsical toucans.  You might as well be right there in the rainforest.   

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