Emergency Management

Emergency Services Team

The Longmeadow Emergency Management Services organization was appointed by the Longmeadow Select Board and is led by Fire Chief Eric Madison. This team includes:
  • Stephen Crane - Town Manager
  • Beverly Hirschhorn - Health Director
  • Robert Siano - Police Chief
  • Mike Wrabel - DPW Director
  • Other various department heads and employees

Team Responsibilities

This team is charged with the responsibility for developing and implementing a comprehensive Emergency Management plan for the Town of Longmeadow.

Emergency Information

Sign up for notifications from the Emergency Management System

This section of the town website is directed toward providing residents with information that is useful to better prepare for potential emergencies such as:
  • Floods
  • Hazardous material spills
  • Hurricanes
  • Terrorism incidents (anthrax scares and general terror threats)
  • Tornados
  • Winter blizzards

Related Government Agencies

Much of this information is provided through government agencies, including: