Records Bureau

Copies of records (Accident Reports and Incident Reports) can be obtained from the Records Bureau within 10 days after a Report Request Form has been submitted.

Access the Form

  • Click for link to Report Request Form online.
  • Visit lobby of the Police Department; 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  • Download the Report Request Form and deliver in person or mail to: Attention Records Bureau, 34 Williams St., Longmeadow, Ma 01106
  • Reports involving domestic violence issues must be picked up in person.

Types of Copies

Under state law certain records are not available. Examples of records, which are not available include:
  • Accidents or incidents involving criminal charges that may result in incarceration and have not been adjudicated.
  • Accidents or incidents, which are still under investigation.
  • Records, which are expressly prohibited from disclosure to the public by statute.
  • Arrest records. You may acquire a copy of your record from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Criminal History System's Board. Police reports that involve criminal charges are reviewed prior to being released. Reports with CORI information may be obtained through the District Attorney's Office.