Longmeadow Baseball Association

The Longmeadow Travel Baseball program is open to players ages 7-19 and consists of a group of dedicated baseball players and enthusiasts with thousands of innings of combined experience in playing and coaching.

We want to help children learn the game, elevate their skills, challenge themselves by playing in more competitive leagues, and most of all, have a fabulous time doing it. New players to our program must attend one of our skill evaluation sessions, which are held twice a year (Fall and Spring).


2016 Season

Please note: LBA will NOT be holding in-person registration at the Community House this year.
Our registration forms are available on our website at www.longmeadowbaseball.org. Completed forms may be mailed (along with check payment and CERTIFIED birth certificate) to:
P.O. Box 60952
Longmeadow, MA 01106
OR dropped off with LPRD at the Community House.
Since current forms are available online (and most people register that way anyway) we are streamlining our process.

Feel free to contact us via email  with any questions, and/or check us out on Facebook to stay up to date on the latest baseball news.

Longmeadow Baseball 2.25.16

2016 Season

The season continues into July with potential play off games added at the end of the regular season. All rosters will be limited to 13/14 players. All teams will have a travel schedule with about half the games played away from Longmeadow. Ages 13 and 14 will be eligible to play NEYSA Sandy Koufax on a 90-foot diamond based on tryouts. NEYSA Sandy Koufax plays from May through July. 

These leagues can include indoor winter practice, outdoor practice, scrimmages and tournaments that run Mid-March through the end of May. All rosters will be limited to 13/14 players. High school player will be eligible to play Mickey Mantle or American Legion in a 20 game season that will end in July. Placement will be based on tryouts and will occur after the high school season ends. All rosters will be limited to 13/14 players. 

Winter Camps
The Longmeadow Baseball Association also offers an instructional program for baseball over the winter months at a local indoor sports facility (dates and location to be announced).

Our March tryout date will be announced. Age as of April 30, 2016 will determine eligibility for all leagues. The U9, U11, and U13 Teams will participate in either the John L. Sullivan League (travel limited to Longmeadow and Springfield) or the Tri-Town League (some additional travel, but totally worth it). 

Diamond Size
Teams play on either a 60 feet or 75 feet diamond. All 9 year old players and some 10 year old players will play on a 60 feet diamond. The remaining 10 year old players and 11 and 12 year old players will play on a 75 feet diamond.