Jessica Downie

Jessica began her studies of dance at age 9. In her many years of dance she has studied classical forms of dance, as well as Latin styles.

In addition to dance, Jess is also a former gymnast. Jess began her dance instruction career at Unity Dance Spectrum in Chicopee.
Jessica Downey
Over the past 9 years, Jess has assisted and instructed a variety of classes for Longmeadow Dance School. In 2009 Jess was licensed as a Zumba Instructor by Zumba's creator "Beto" Perez where he taught her the foundations and formula to instruct a Zumba class.

Jess was one of the first instructors in the area to obtain a license to teach Zumba for kids, a program created just for kids. When not in the dance and fitness worlds, Jess is employed full time by CVS/Caremark and has been with the company for 12 years and holds the position of Field Colleague Trainer.