Adult Programs

  1. Co-Ed Volleyball

    Pick-up games are non-officiated, with teams calling their own violations. This fun, non-competitive atmosphere allows players to improve their skills.

  2. Cribbage League

    New members are always welcome, but please come with experience. Approximately 25 to 30 players attend each night and play nine, fifteen minute games.

  3. Digital Photography Boot Camp

    Class will include instruction, “play time,” weekly assignments and photo critiques.

  4. Golf Instruction for Adults

    This group instruction program is designed for those who need instruction putting, chipping, pitching, driving, and use of irons.

  5. Karate Shotokan Style

    All instruction and certification is authentic and directly affiliated with SKIF Japan, one of the largest and finest karate organizations in the world.

  6. Longmeadow Newcomers’ Club

    The Longmeadow Newcomers' Club is an organization of women who have recently moved to Longmeadow. The Club provides numerous opportunities for new residents to get to know one another and feel at home in their new town.

  7. Men's Basketball

    Evening pick-up games at Glenbrook Gym provide the opportunity for a great work out, competition and fun.

  8. Adult Volleyball

    The first 18 players to pre-register are guaranteed a spot each night, with drop-ins welcome on a first come, first served basis as space allows.

  9. Monday Night Over 40 Volleyball

    Fun pick-up games for those ages 40 and older where players call their own violations.

  10. Tai Chi

    Tai Chi is less strenuous than other martial arts, with an emphasis on deep breathing, slow movements, and chi (energy) development.

  11. World Music/African & Caribbean Drumming & Singing

  12. Zumba®

    Are you looking for a fun way to get fit? Add some spice to your workout and come shake your cha-cha with Zumba!

  13. Adult Summer Volleyball

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