Youth Enrichment

  1. Ceramics and Me

  2. JumpingClay

    JumpingClay is an air-drying polymer clay that is 100% safe and non-toxic and completely mess free! Our workshop provides step by step instruction and assistance by trained instructors while encouraging creative self expression and building confidence.

  3. Rainforest Art-ventures with Let's Gogh Art

    Make enchanting 2 and 3-dimensional masterpieces that you can take home each week.

  4. Let's Gogh Art - Pirates and Fairies Art-Ventures

  5. Just for Fun Art-ventures with Let's Gogh Art

    Build rockin' rain sticks, design metal art reptiles, and create colorful backpacks.

  6. Let's Gogh Art, Lions and Tigers and Pigs, Oh My!

  7. Drama Program: Musical Production, Grades 4-8