Please be sure to mark out your irrigation system if there is construction on your street or sidewalks!

The Longmeadow Public Works Department is preparing to begin installation of new guardrail along the sides of the following roads:

Meadowbrook Road (TIMBER)
Guardrail replacement at west end of street near Warren Terrace

Crestview Circle (TIMBER)
New Guardrail at west end of street at stream crossing (both sides)

Mill Road (STEEL)
Guardrail Replacement at west end of street (both sides)

Franklin Road (TIMBER)
Guardrail replacement at cul-de-sac

Chestnut Street (STEEL)
Guardrail replacement at west end of street

Barrington Road (TIMBER)
Guardrail replacement at east end of street

Chiswick Street (STEEL)
Guardrail replacement at south end of street

Captain Road  (TIMBER)
New guardrail approximately 230 feet east of Viscount Road at stream crossing (both sides)

Commonwealth Guardrail Inc. has been contracted to perform the work, and is scheduled to begin Monday, January 9th, weather permitting. Other factors may delay construction. It is expected that the effort will result in temporary lane closures.

Should you have any questions or require any additional information, please contact the Longmeadow Public Works Engineering Department at (413) 567-3400.

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