Recycling & Yard Waste Center

The Town operates a Recycling and Yard Waste Center on Pondside Road adjacent to the Department of Public Works yard, which is for Longmeadow residents only, to:  
  • Drop off recyclable material that cannot be collected at curbside
  • Bring bulky trash items such as furniture and appliances for disposal
  • Dispose of yard waste, brush and grass clippings  
Note: An annual sticker is required to use the center. Click here to purchase a sticker online. 
Recycle Center - Longmeadow Residents Only - Sign in Front of Municipal Building

Hours of Operation

                                           Wednesdays - 10am - 5pm
                                             Saturdays - 8am - 5pm 
                                              Sundays - 10am - 5pm     

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