Rates & Reports

  • The current rate for water is $3.22/unit.
  • The current rate for sewer is $2.50/unit. Sewer usage is based off of water consumption and there is a 220/HCF cut off for residential customers only. 

1 unit = 748.5 gallons
  1. Concepts Regarding Rate Structure (PDF)

    Review a document outlining rate structure concepts.

  2. Consumer Confidence Reports

    Access the annual Consumer Confidence Reports archive.

  3. FY11 Rate Comparison

    This page will allow you to compare water and sewer rates for 2011 with the bills you got in 2010.

  4. Rate Advisory (PDF)

    Look over advisory information for the water/sewer system rates.

  5. Rate Study

    A Town of Longmeadow staff team was convened in 2008 to develop a capital plan for the water and sewer systems and to explore water and sewer rate options.

  6. System Evaluations

    These studies report on the condition of the systems and the needs for near and long-term improvements.