Dance Movement & Tap - Preschoolers & Kindergarten, Age 2.9-Up


  • Ages: 2.9 and Up
  • Dates: September 21 - May 10
  • Times: Wednesdays from 6 to 6:45pm
  • Instructor: April Bergeron 
  • Location: Community House Dance Studio


Preschool and Kindergarten dancers will work together in this energetic class! Children will shuffle, hop, sing and dance while learning basic ballet and jazz dance styles with additional instruction on tap technique. This class is both exciting and educational.

Dancers will have fun exploring basic barre work, center floor work and across the floor work in these areas of dance. A variety of fun, sparkling props and upbeat popular children's music will be enjoyed. Fancy ballet skirts are welcome. This class participates in 1 routine in the Recital.

What to Wear

Leotard any style and color, tights any color, pink leather ballet shoes (no drawstring style, please) and black leather oxford tap shoes (slip on style).  


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