Boards & Commissions

  1. Adult Center Council on Aging Board of Directors

    The Board is composed of Longmeadow residents who are appointed by the Board of Selectmen and work with residents and staff to address issues and programs that affect seniors.

  2. Audit Committee

    The Audit Committee is established pursuant to Article 7, section 7-9 of the Town of Longmeadow’s Charter.

  3. Board of Assessors

    The Board of Assessors handles taxes in Longmeadow.

  4. Board of Health

    The Board of Health is responsible for administering state health laws, adopting Town health regulations, and addressing the health concerns of Town residents.

  5. Building Demolition Committee

    A 9-month demolition delay ordinance was passed at the Longmeadow Town Meeting in April 2006.

  6. Cable Advisory Committee

    The Cable Advisory Committee is charged with the authority to provide advice and assistance to the Select Board.

  7. Capital Planning Committee

    Funds for capital appropriations come from the Capital Stabilization Fund, which is annually funded at 2% of the general fund revenues from property taxes, state aid and local receipts.

  8. Community Preservation Committee

    The Community Preservation Act (CPA), M.G.L. Chapter 44B, which is enabling legislation allowing cities and towns in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to adopt a property tax surcharge, was adopted by the Legislature and signed into law by Governor Cellucci in September 2000.

  9. Conservation Commission

    The purpose of the Conservation Commission is to protect Longmeadow’s wetland resource areas in accordance with the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act and the Longmeadow Wetlands Bylaw and supporting regulations.

  10. Cultural Council

    The mission of the Longmeadow Arts Council is to fund and promote cultural activities that enrich our community.

  11. Energy Taskforce

    Mission Statement: Work to enact policies and investments that decrease consumption of energy resources while encouraging use of alternate energy sources. Monitor Green Communities contract and grants. Make recommendations for policies, programs, and grant opportunities to the Select Board and School Committee through a written report before the budget process in the fall.

  12. Finance Committee

    The Finance Committee, formerly known as the Appropriations Committee, is established pursuant to Article 2, section 2-10 of the Town of Longmeadow’s Charter.

  13. Friends of Storrs Library Board

    Review board information for the Storrs Library Friends Board

  14. Historic District Commission

    The purpose of the Longmeadow Historic District is to preserve the unique tapestry of the historic areas and to assure the preservation of its historic values to the community.

  15. Historical Commission

    Operating under Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 40, Section 8d, the Longmeadow Historical Commission is a municipal agency.

  16. Park Board

    The Longmeadow Park Commissioners are appointed volunteers whose charge is to set policy of all town parks and recreation activities.

  17. Planning Board

    The Planning Board operates under the provisions of Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 40A and Chapter 41.

  18. School Building Committee

    The Longmeadow School Building Committee (SBC) was formed during the Summer 2008.

  19. Select Board

  20. Storrs Library Board

    Get information regarding the Storrs Library Board.

  21. Tree Committee

    Tree Committee for the Town of Longmeadow

  22. Zoning Board of Appeals

    The Town of Longmeadow has both a General and a Zoning Bylaw. To understand the role of the Zoning Board of Appeals, it is necessary to understand the purpose of the Zoning Bylaw.