1. Adult Center

    The Longmeadow Adult Center is a community based center in Longmeadow which affirms the dignity and potential of older people.

  2. Assessor's Department

    Find information on the Assessor's Office.

  3. Building, Planning, & Community Development

    This department issues permits and enforces the standards of the Massachusetts State Building Code and the Town’s Zoning Bylaws.

  4. Emergency Management

    An Emergency Management team is directed toward providing residents with information that is useful to better prepare for potential weather, health, or terrorist emergencies.

  5. Finance

    The Finance Department is responsible for overseeing all Town expenditures and recording transactions in compliance with Massachusetts General Laws.

  6. Fire Department

    The mission of the Longmeadow Fire Department is to minimize the risk to the community from fire, medical emergencies, and other threats to life and property through prompt emergency response, aggressive public education, code enforcement and cooperative community involvement.

  7. Human Resources

    The mission of the Human Resource Department is to effectively manage the human resource functions of the Town including, but not limited to, recruiting program, compensation, benefits, risk management, collective bargaining, and policies and procedure compliance in accordance with the federal, state and local regulations.

  8. Parks & Recreation

    Find out about all of the various services and programs offered through the Longmeadow Parks and Recreation Department.

  9. Police Department

    The purpose of the Longmeadow Police Department is to serve the people of Longmeadow by ensuring the livability, safety, and security of the community through fair and impartial law enforcement.

  10. Public Works

    Learn how the city operates all of their public services.

  11. Purchasing

    The objective of the Purchasing Department is to support all Town and school departments in the procurement of quality goods and services at cost effective prices while promoting fair competition.

  12. Schools

    Access links to local education facilities.

  13. Town Manager

    The Longmeadow Select Board, comprised of 5 elected members, is the Chief Executive Body of the Town. It draws its authority from the General Laws of Massachusetts and the bylaws of the Town of Longmeadow and is directly responsible to the electorate.

  14. Storrs Library

  15. Town Clerk

    The mission of the Town Clerk’s Office is to serve as the official Record Keeper of Town records as well as coordinating and overseeing elections and voter registration in compliance with Massachusetts General Laws and local bylaws to assure sound documentation and access of residents to local government.

  16. Treasurer / Collector

    The mission of the Treasurer/Collector’s Office is to create a professional yet friendly atmosphere that promotes the timely collection and subsequent processing of the maximum amount of revenue with the minimum amount of customer irritation.

  17. Veterans' Services

    The mission of the Department of Veterans’ Services is to advocate on behalf of all the commonwealth’s veterans and provide them with quality support services and to direct an emergency financial assistance program for those veterans and their dependents who are in need.