School Building Committee

The Longmeadow School Building Committee (SBC) was formed during the Summer 2008.

The School Building Committee meeting scheduled for April 19 has been postponed to April 26 at 7pm in the Fire Station meeting room, 44 Williams Street.

Membership includes Select Board, School Committee and Town employee representatives as well as community members with applicable skills and experience to support the mission and objectives of the School Building Committee.

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The Longmeadow School Building Committee will be meeting the third Thursday of every month at 7 PM from now until the end of the year. The dates are as follows:

August 19- Fire Station September 16- School Committee Room October 21- School Committee Room November 18- School Committee Room December 16-School Committee Room

The Longmeadow High School Project was APPROVED at the Annual Town Elections held on June 8, 2010.The vote was YES 4076, 2340 NO so the Proposition 2½ Debt Exclusion override for the new High School Project was approved.

The Special Town Meeting on May 25 approved the Proposition 2½ debt exclusion override by a vote of 2132 to 211. There will be a Prop 2½ debt exclusion ballot question (majority vote to approve) at the Annual Town Elections on June 8.

LHS Options Review FAQs

21st Century Education – A Call to Action 4/26/10

Longmeadow High School is Going Green 3/12/10

Longmeadow High School-A Principal’s Perspective 3/3/10

LHS- The Maintenance Factor 3/24/10

The Longmeadow School Building Committee held a Public Forum on April 8, 2010. Here is a link to the slides used for this forum.

The Schematic Design Report for the proposed high school building project has been submitted to Massachusetts School Building Authority. A hard copy of this lengthy report is available for review at Storrs Library.Some key sections have been posted below for online viewing:

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Final Design Space Program

Section 7 – Narrative Building System Descriptions

Narrative Building Systems Descriptions from the Civil, Structural, Technology and MEPFP consultants. These elements are reflected in the plans, elevations, sections, details, MA-CHPS scorecard and the cost estimates.

Section 12- Total Project Budget

Section 13- Construction Cost Estimate

The Longmeadow School Building Project was approved on March 31 by the Massachusetts School Building Authority. See the MSBA official recommendation for details. Grant Approval Letter Katherine Craven, MSBA Executive Director to Jahn Hart, 3/31/10 The next steps before the project becomes a reality are a Special Town Meeting on May 25 to vote on a Proposition 2½ debt exclusion override (needs 2/3 vote for approval). If successful, there will be a Prop 2½ debt exclusion ballot question (majority vote to approve) at the Annual Town Elections on June 8.

MBSA Policy Statement Regarding Failed Local Vote 3/3/10

School Building Committee Sets the Record Straight 2/27/10

School Building Public Forum-Slides 2/25/10

Financing the Longmeadow High School Project 2/24/10

School Building Committee/ Project Status- 2/15/10

Public Forum/ February 11, 2010
The Longmeadow School Building Committee held a public information session for the High School Building project. Updated designs and cost estimates were presented by our Owners Project Manager, Architects and School Building Committee members.

Schematic Design Plan [when viewing above plan, use Adobe Reader “zoom in” tool to read fine details]

Longmeadow High School Feasibility Study- October 2009 submitted by OMR Architects and Joslin Lesser & Associates

Public Forum/ September 30, 2009

The project architect presented cost estimates for the three options (1B, 2A-1 and 2B) selected by the SBC for the long term building solution for LHS. Here is a link to the slides used during the presentation that summarize and include the details for the three selected building options.

(Public Comments)

(SBC meeting + vote)

Read the new Frequently Asked Questions section about the School Building Project to help answer some of your questions.

School Building Committee Is Making Progress!- 5/16/09 As the school year comes to a close, the Longmeadow High School Building Committee (SBC) would like to update the residents of Longmeadow on the milestones reached during the last several months and the schedule of upcoming objectives to be reached over the summer and fall months. On Thursday, March 5, 2009, the SBC voted unanimously to approve Josslin Lesser & Associates, Inc. (Josslin Lesser) of Watertown, MA as the Owner’s Project Manager (OPM) for the Feasibility Study/ Schematic Design portion of the Longmeadow High School project. The Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) subsequently voted to accept Josslin Lesser as the OPM for the town of Longmeadow. The SBC and the Town of Longmeadow are very pleased to be working with Josslin Lesser. They have provided us with a stellar team for the project. Josslin Lesser’s acumen in the field, their strong knowledge of MSBA regulations, and their solid relationship with the MSBA is essential. We look forward to this long journey with them! Since the selection of the OPM, the SBC has been working closely with Josslin Lesser on the Request for Services (RFS) for the Designer Architect who will conduct the feasibility study. We are pleased to announce that during the month of April, nine (9) architectural firms submitted proposals to perform the study for Longmeadow High School. The next steps in the architect selection process are primarily driven by the MSBA. These steps include sending three members of the SBC to meet with the MSBA on May 19, 2009 to participate in the MSBA Designer Selection Panel (DSP). The DSP consists of twelve state representatives and three members of the Longmeadow SBC. This panel will review the proposals from each of the architectural firms and rank them. The top three firms will then be asked to return in June for interviews with the entire DSP, including the local representatives. After the interviews, a firm will be selected and contract negotiations will begin. We are fully expecting the selected firm to start the feasibility study in June.

The additional target dates are as follows:
  • Educational Visioning & Programming: June – July 2009
  • Development of Alternatives: August – September 2009
  • Public Forum to Discuss Feasibility Study Findings: ~September 2009
  • Recommendation of Preferred Solution: October 2009
  • Schematic Design of Preferred Solution: November 2009 – February 2010
  • MSBA Project Scope & Budget Conference: February – March 2010
  • MSBA Board Vote: March 2010
  • Town Meeting Approval of Project: April 2010

The SBC will continually provide updates as decisions are made and milestones accomplished.

Forum- High School Building Project- 10/14/08

Christine Swanson- Longmeadow School Committee Chair explaining the HS building project details

Longmeadow High School Facilities Tour- October 2008

left to right (Larry Berte, Principal LHS, Jahn Hart, Superintendent Longmeadow Public Schools, Adrian Phaneuf, Facilities Director)

Educating our citizens is a priority! The building of a new high school or the significant renovation of the current high school in Longmeadow has been a topic of discussion for many years. Now that the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) has placed LHS on the short list of candidates for funding consideration, our discussions are becoming an exciting reality! This reality is significant for every resident of Longmeadow and not just those who currently have or will have children in the public school system. However, the LHS Project is more than a school redevelopment project: it is the improvement of a major, long-term town asset. It is the largest building project Longmeadow has undertaken since the initial construction of the high school over 50 years ago. The project will affect every one of us for many years, in different ways:

  1. It is the cornerstone of our public education system, and, therefore, enables the achievement and reputation of excellence in education to continue for the next 50 years.
  2. The public high school building will be a landmark of town character and civic pride.
  3. Property values are indirectly influenced by the investment in the public school system and the development of critical town assets.
  4. Residents bear a portion of the cost through property taxes.
Because each resident of Longmeadow will be impacted by this project, the School Building Committee (SBC) members are committed to reaching out to as many residents as possible during the development process. The project will not be successful without the input, understanding and support of our citizens along the way. Questions must be asked and issues raised and addressed. Processes work best and informed decisions are made when people are involved and encouraged to communicate. Therefore, the SBC cordially invites all town residents to tour Longmeadow High School and to attend a public forum where questions from the public are welcomed.

Monthly Progress Reports

Contact information is as follows:

School Building Committee 127 Grassy Gutter Road Longmeadow, MA 01106



Longmeadow High School Feasibility Study

Table of Contents click on links below to view document contents Please be patient, some of these pdf documents are quite large. 1 Executive Summary 2 Justification of Proposed Project 2.1 Statement of Interest 2.2 Enrollment Projections 2.3 NEASC Reports 3 Existing Conditions 3.1 Existing Conditions 3.2 Site Analysis 3.3 Geotechnical Report 3.4 Hazardous Materials …

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School Building Committee FAQ’s

The Longmeadow SBC has developed some Frequently Asked Questions on the following subjects. EDUCATIONAL VISIONING/PROGRAMMING BUILDING STUDY AND OPTIONS COSTS AND FINANCING [Click FAQ title to view each set of questions] EDUCATIONAL VISIONING/ PROGRAMMING Q: What is Educational Visioning? A: A process which brings together a large cross-section of stakeholders, residents, and educators to develop …

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School Building Committee Meeting Minutes

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