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Beverly Hirschhorn, Health Director

The Board of Health is responsible for administering state health laws, adopting town health regulations, and addressing the health concerns of town residents. The Board of Health is also responsible for recording, reporting, and following up on communicable diseases within the community. Together with the town’s health director, the board enforces sanitary codes and regulations. It conducts inspections and issues permits for various food establishments, businesses, and institutions. The board develops and enforces tobacco related policies. It enforces stat regulations regarding TitleV: septic tanks and home sewers. The Board of Health sponsors a flu clinic and a rabies clinic each year, and serves as a resource for the Town for health promotion activities and technical assistance.

The board consists of five members appointed by the Board of Selectmen for three-year, staggered terms. Members serve without compensation.

Attached please find new Guidelines for the Operation of Chimineas, Fire Pits, and Outdoor Fireplaces that were jointly developed by the Longmeadow Board of Health and the Longmeadow fire Department.


Longmeadow Board of Health


Mass. Dept. of Public Health Electronic Immunization Registry


The Longmeadow Board of Health, as a provider of adult-recommended vaccinations, is required by recent state law to submit immunization data to a new statewide, web-based record-keeping system (i.e. registry). With all Massachusetts providers (e.g. doctors’ offices, hospitals, board of health, pharmacies, etc.) required to submit immunization data, the goal is to develop complete and accurate records of all immunizations administered in the State of Massachusetts. The information in the Immunization Registry is confidential. However, individuals who receive vaccinations are allowed to decline sharing of their immunization data with health care providers; the Board of Health will honor and expedite timely processing of such requests.

The Board commenced its participation in the Registry effective March 17, 2014. Any immunizations administered prior to that date will not be subject to data sharing at this time.

For further information on the Registry, its advantages to patients and the public health, and patient rights to decline data sharing, kindly refer to the Patient Fact Sheet link.


Longmeadow Board of Health Regulation Prohibiting Smoking in Municipal Buildings and Vehicles


Guidelines for Operation of Chimineas, Fire Pits, and Outdoor Fireplaces

In recent years the use of such devices have become increasingly popular; the increase in usage has also resulted in complaints from neighbors of residents using these devices regarding improper use relative to fire safety hazards or conditions potentially injurious to the public health. These new guidelines hopefully serve as a useful checklist for the proper and safe operation of these devices.

Although these guidelines are not regulations and, therefore, not enforceable, both the Fire Department and the Board of Health already have the authority to enforce existing state regulations within their scope (the Fire Department enforcing fire safety regulations; the Board of Health enforcing air pollution regulations and state laws in regard to pubic health nuisances).

Longmeadow Board of Health License Fees- effective 7/1/11 Below are forms from the Longmeadow Board of Health Department:

Permit Applications

Food Service

Outdoor Eating Food Service

Outdoor Eating No Food Service

Retail Food


Frozen Desserts



Temporary Food Service

Residential Kitchen: Food Preparation

Residential Kitchen No Food Preparation

Mobile Food Service

Methyl-Wood Alcohol

Tobacco Sales

Septic Installer

Septage Hauler

Private Well

Health Club

Tanning Facility

Swimming Pools

Other Forms

Complaint Form for Sale of Tobacco Products to Minors

Individuals Requiring Additional Assistance in Emergencies

Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease continues to be an important public health risk in Massachusetts. Lyme Disease is a bacterial disease spread by ticks (deer ticks) that can affect the joint, heart, or central nervous system, The key to prevention is wearing protective clothing and repellents when outdoors and the prompt removal of any ticks fastened onto the skin upon returning indoors.

Below are some links to important information about this disease.
Lyme Disease Public Health Fact Sheet- source: Mass. Dept of Public Health
Lyme Disease/ Frequently Asked Questions- source: Mass. Dept of Health and Human Services

Printed copies of this information are available at the Storrs Library, Council on Aging and at the Board of Health Office (Community House, lower level).

Western Massachusetts Medical Reserve Corps

The Western Massachusetts Medical Reserve Corps is a coalition of Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) serving the western Massachusetts counties of Berkshire, Franklin, Hampshire and Hampden. There is a MRC group located in Longmeadow led by Beverly Hirshhorn- Director/ Longmeadow Board of Health. You may submit a volunteer application on line, or by downloading a copy and submitting a hard copy.


For email access to Board Of Health Dept, send correspondence to:

Board of Health Meeting Minutes

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