Public Safety



Blackboard Connect

What is Blackboard Connect? The Blackboard Connect system allows authorized Town officials to create and rapidly disseminate time-sensitive messages to every telephone number stored in the notification database. With the Blackboard Connect system, authorized users can send thousands of messages in minutes. Only authorized officials are allowed access to the system. Please take a minute …

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Emergency Management

The Longmeadow Emergency Management Services organization was appointed by the Longmeadow Select Board and is led by Fire Chief Eric Madison. This team includes Town Manager-Stephen Crane, Police Chief- Robert Siano, Health Director- Beverly Hirschhorn and DPW Director-Mike Wrabel and other various department heads and employees. This team is charged with the responsibility for developing and implementing a comprehensive …

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Fire Department

The mission of the Longmeadow Fire Department is to minimize the risk to the community from fire, medical emergencies, and other threats to life and property. This will be accomplished through prompt emergency response, aggressive public education, code enforcement and cooperative community involvement. The priorities of the Fire Department will be preservation of life and …

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