Statement of Purpose

The Town of Longmeadow initiated a municipal Recycling Program in 1979 in order to reduce the amount of trash which we dispose of, to realize commensurate budget savings, to prevent pollution, to conserve natural resources, and to realize environmental benefits.

In 2008 Longmeadow began a mandatory waste reduction program which provides incentives to reduce trash and increase recycling.  Acting in concert with state mandates and federal guidelines, we are working to manage our trash through a comprehensive process involving Curbside Trash and Recycling Collection, operating a Recycling and Yard Waste Center, and by providing Recycling Information.

Curbside Trash and Recycling Collection

Household trash is collected at curbside on a weekly schedule.  Recyclables are collected at curbside on the same day as your trash with paper and containers collected on alternating weeks.  While Longmeadow’s waste reduction program limits the amount of trash which may be disposed of at curbside, there is no limit on the amount of recyclable material which will be picked up.



Collection Route Schedule

Curbside Pickup Schedule


Curbside Regulations

What Can Go In The Recycle Bins




Recycling and Yard Waste Center

The Town operates a Recycling and Yard Waste Center on Pondside Road adjacent to the DPW Yard for Longmeadow Residents only, to:  drop off recyclable material which cannot be collected at curbside, bring bulky trash items such as furniture and appliances for disposal, and dispose of yard waste, brush and grass clippings.  An annual sticker is required.



2015 Recycling Center Information

Fees / Mail-in Application

RC rules and regulations

The Recycling Center will be open three days a week beginning Saturday, April 11th, 2015.

Hours of operation are:

Wednesdays – 10am – 5pm

Saturdays – 8am – 5pm

Sundays – 10am – 5pm






Additional Information for Managing Household Waste



Tips on Waste Reduction

What to do with…..

Donation Centers

Hazardous Waste Day Info

Springfield Materials Recycling Facility

Mass Department of Environmental Protection


For email access to Longmeadow Recycling Commission, send correspondence to: