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FY11 Rate Comparison
Consumer Confidence
Water Conservation
Hydrant Flushing
Water Sewer Evaluation
Water Sewer Rate Study
Efficient Lawn Watering
Meter Replacement Program
Water Sewer Rate Advisory
Water & Sewer Concepts Regarding Rate Structure

The Town of Longmeadow purchases its water from the City of Springfield. The Longmeadow Water system begins at the water pumping station located on Forest Glen Road in Longmeadow.

From this pumping station, the Town of Longmeadow is serviced by approximately 96 miles of water distribution mains. These water mains deliver water to the town’s 5600 metered water accounts and supply 16,000 residents. In an effort to maintain and upgrade the Town system, the Public Works Department continually upgrade water and sewer infrastructure with replacement of older water lines, hydrants, and related facilities.  The project funds are approved by residents at town meeting. The department also maintains a one million-gallon water storage tank located off Academy Drive which is used to improve pressure to the easterly area of the Town.

The Longmeadow Sewer Department maintains approximately 90 miles of sewer pipe.  The sewage is primarily gravity fed to the Emerson Road Sewer Pumping Station.

From the pumping station, the sewage is pumped through a 24″ pressure main directly to Springfield Bondi’s Island. The sewer plant is protected by an emergency stand-by generator that has the capacity to run the electrical demands for the entire plant.

Although preventative maintenance is done on a regular basis, sewer main blockages can occur. If you suspect a sewer main back-up or have a blocked sewer connection, during normal working hours 7:30AM – 4:00PM Mon. – Fri. call 567-3400, after normal working hours and weekends call the Police Department at 567-3311. For more information go to the Question Page.

Consumer Confidence

The Town of Longmeadow Water Department is pleased to submit the following informational report to the water consumers of the Town of Longmeadow. Consumer Confidence Report 2012

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Efficient Lawn Watering

WATER EFFICIENT LAWN WATERING PRACTICES Summer lawn watering creates large demands on local water utilities. Water supply treatment and storage facilities are often built two, three and even four time larger to supply additional demands created by lawn watering. This extra capacity is not used most of the year and adds significant costs to the …

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FY11 Rate Comparison

This page will allow you to compare water and sewer rates for 2011 with the bills you got in 2010. You need to refer to your 2010 water bill in order to use this comparator. Step 1: Look at your last water & sewer bill and see what your Water/Sewer Admin Fee is. Step 2: …

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Hydrant Flushing

 The Longmeadow Department of Public Works (DPW) will be flushing water mains beginning Monday, April 27, 2015 and will last for approximately 2 weeks ending on Thursday, May 7, 2015. The flushing will occur Monday-Friday between 7am – 3pm & 7pm – 11pm. Please check your water before washing clothes or cooking.  System flushing may …

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Meter Replacement Program

Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) Frequently Asked Questions Meter Replacement Program The Town of Longmeadow is implementing a mandatory water meter upgrade program which will replace the old meter reading system by installing new water meters and radio frequency transmitters in every home and business in town. The project will begin on November 1, 2010 and will take …

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Water Conservation

Water is a precious resource in our environment.  We have no choice but to pay more attention to how we are using water, and how we may be wasting it.  The Town of Longmeadow is trying to bridge the gap between our understanding of how important water is and what we can do to ensure …

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Water Sewer Evaluation

In 2007, the Department of Public Works hired Tighe & Bond to perform engineering evaluations of the Town’s water and sewer system. These studies reported on the condition of the systems and the needs for near and long-term improvements.  These reports were recently finalized and results, conclusions, and recommendations are included in the attached reports. …

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Water Sewer Rate Study

A Town of Longmeadow staff team was convened in 2008 to develop a capital plan for the water and sewer systems and to explore water and sewer rate options.  The staff team was comprised of Town Manager Robin Crosbie, Director of Administration and Finance Paul Pasteczyk, Director of Public Works, Mike Wrabel, Assistant Director of …

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