Water and Sewer Bills

In June 2021 the Select Board, acting as the Water and Sewer Commissioners, made changes to the billing cycle for water and sewer bills. The change eliminates the previous twice per year bill and replaces it with a quarterly billing schedule.

The last biannual water, sewer and stormwater bill was mailed out on September 9, 2021. That bill covered the billing period of February 2021 – July 2021. A bill will be mailed in late October 2021 covering the billing periods of August and September 2021.

We will then be on a traditional quarterly billing cycle of: 

 Quarterly Billing Schedule  
 Quarter Months in Quarter Due Date
 1st July, August, September Approximately December 1 or 30 days after the bill is mailed
2nd October, November, December  Approximately March 1 or 30 days after the bill is mailed
 3rd January, February, March Approximately June 1 or 30 days after the bill is mailed
 4th April, May, June Approximately September 1 or 30 days after the bill is mailed

Sewer charges are based off of water usage with a 220 unit residential cut off per fiscal year. This means that if you use more than 220 units of water in a fiscal year, you will not be billed for anything over 220 units of sewer

  • FY22 rate for water is $3.59/unit.
  • FY22 rate for sewer is $2.70/unit. Sewer usage is based off of water consumption and there is a 220/HCF cut off for residential customers only. 

One unit is 748.5 gallons.

Click here to pay your water/sewer bill. 

Please visit the Changes to Water Accounts page if you need to make any changes to a water account, including sales.