August 20, 2019

Dear Resident:

The Longmeadow Department of Public Works has contracted Gomes Construction Company to replace concrete sidewalks on Ellington Road, Glenwood Circle, Wolf Swamp Road, & Longfellow Drive. The work is anticipated to begin in early September and be complete by end of October.

Lawn Sprinklers and Invisible Dog Fences: In an effort to reduce damages to lawn irrigation and electric fence systems, please mark irrigation lines and sprinkler heads, along with buried invisible fence lines located at the edge of the sidewalk, and within the tree belt. Flags to mark these lines and heads are available at the Department of Public Works. Should there be any damage to the marked irrigation, the Town’s contractor will make the necessary repairs. The contractor will make every effort to avoid your irrigation systems. Damage to unmarked irrigation and invisible fence systems will not be repaired by the Town.

As concrete sidewalks are replaced, driveway access may be blocked for a few days as concrete is placed and subsequently cured. Gomes Construction will work with residents to minimize closure durations.  Parking on the opposite side of the street from your home will be available.

Salt: In order to uphold the structural integrity of the sidewalks and prevent possible erosion and crumbling, we ask residents to avoid using salt this winter season. Sand can be used as an alternative.

Walkways between sidewalk and road: Pursuant to Town requirements, all existing walkways that connect between the sidewalk and roadway will be removed. Only sidewalk ramps that serve pedestrian crosswalks will remain.

Following sidewalk installation, Gomes Construction will be placing screened topsoil and grass seed in disturbed areas. We ask that you assist with the process by providing water, and additional grass seed (as deemed necessary) in order to accomplish successful lawn restorations.

Refuse collection: Residents are asked to have their refuse and recycling curbside by 7:00 a.m., especially during periods construction work is taking place on your street.

We will make every effort to notify residents of any substantial schedule changes.  Please check the Town Facebook page ( for current updates. Please report any problems or concerns by contacting the Engineering Department at (413) 567-3400.


Longmeadow Engineering Department