Earth Day

We are so appreciative of the overwhelming response of volunteers for our Longmeadow Earth Day call to action. While we are no longer accepting volunteers for sign-up for the event, we encourage Longmeadow citizens to share in the spirit of the Earth Day by walking in your neighborhood and picking up litter there. Thank you!

Earth Day Clean Up April 11 2021

Longmeadow Community Earth Day Clean-Up

Together Lets Make Longmeadow Sparkle - Its In Our Hands! 

April 11, 2021 at 1:00PM

**Update on the tonnage of trash collected at The Earth Day Clean-Up, as well as types of trash, including hazardous waste.  

Trash--The trash that was in the roll-off when they emptied it was 1.44 tons or 2,880 pounds of trash. 

Recycle-- The recycling amount was 3 cubic yards OR 600 pounds of bottles and cans. There was also a lot of metal that was sorted for recycling. 

Hazardous waste-- Volunteers collected rusted paint cans, 5 gallons of stuff and at least one container of oil. None of the above includes what was collected by DPW on Monday--except for the tonnages. 

Amazing job to everyone who volunteered and helped clean our community!