Thank you for your continued patience as we strive to accommodate all gymnasiums users! 

Indoor Pickleball: The gymnasium is lined for three indoor pickleball courts. Cost is $2 for residents, $3 non-residents. Please wear comfortable and clean shoes, no black soles to avoid marking. Please use the building main entrance (no side or back doors) to avoid tracking in street debris. 

Outdoor Pickleball: Outdoor courts are open and free to all while weather permits. 

Pickleball lessons: Our volunteer instructors Ron and Colleen have offered to teach small groups on Wednesday mornings. Please call to sign up for one of these free lessons at 413-565-4150.

Reservations:  We do not reserve courts at this time. Players have a system of lining up their paddles and rotating in order to decide who plays if there are more than 4 people. Court 3 is reserved for beginners when there are several different levels. Thank you for helping the huge group of beginner players feel welcome as they try this new sport!

Equipment: You may borrow paddles/balls from the front desk. We will ask that you leave an ID with us so that we do not lose any paddles.

Please understand that this gymnasium schedule is fluid as we see how transitions go in our new space. Click on the schedule below to make it larger:

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