Fire Department

The mission of the Longmeadow Fire Department is to minimize the risk to the community from fire, medical emergencies, and other threats to life and property. This will be accomplished through:
Firehouse building
  • Aggressive public education
  • Code enforcement
  • Cooperative community involvement
  • Prompt emergency response


The priorities of the Fire Department will be preservation of life and health, including our own, followed by protection of property and incident management. All resources available to us will be utilized to ensure these priorities are met.

Fire Alarm Bylaw

Voters at the 2006 Annual Town Meeting passed a new bylaw requiring home owners and businesses with alarms that summon the Longmeadow Fire Department to obtain a permit. For a better understanding of the requirements of this new bylaw, please read the information package (PDF) that includes the:
  • Fire alarm permit application
  • Introductory letter from Eric Madison, Longmeadow Fire Department Chief
  • New rules and regulations