Planning & Community Development

Building Inspections
This department issues permits and enforces the standards of the Massachusetts State Building Code and the town’s Zoning Bylaws. New buildings and additions receive 4 inspections:
  1. Foundation
  2. Rough Framing
  3. Insulation
  4. Final Inspection
Altered buildings receive 3 inspections. The Commonwealth must certify the building commissioner.

Role of the Building Commissioner
The enforcement power of the Building Commissioner is total. He can order a building closed for non-compliance with its standards. The owner, landlord or tenant may appeal a ruling to the Board of Appeals, or directly to the Hampden County Housing Court. The Building Commissioner also enforces the Zoning Bylaws of the town.

Learn more about the Massachusetts Federation of Building Officials.

Sheet Metal Permits
Please note: As of February 2011, sheet metal permits are now required for sheet metal work as defined by 271 CMR. 

Planning & Zoning Information
Residents, property owners and developers should use this office as a contact point at the town offices for all planning and zoning and other land use matters.